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I specialize in vibrant live and still photography focusing on punk, rock and alternative bands  and  events.

My concert photography is shot across North America and the UK. My studio and live photos have been used on multiple cd releases including the Livid Kittens, F, The Creepy T's and the instant whips. I work with several national and international magazines and online music sites which showcase my concert photography.

Check out the tabs for examples of my band and travel photography.

All of the photographs contained on this website are property of Breta Branyon and may be reproduced only with written permission.

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    My work has been featured in the following magazines and sites

    New Noise Magazine - Galleries

    *Band of Skulls -

    Off With Their Heads -

    Gang Green, Antagonizers ATL and F -

    Hooligan Festival-

    New Noise Magazine 2013

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -

    new noise Magazine - Issue #5 - Rebellion Coverage

    New Noise Magazine 2013 - Rebellion Photo Galleries

    The Damned -

    Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine -

    cocksparrer - Http://

    The Rezillos -

     Chelsea -

    Vince Ray & The Boneshakers -

    TexasTerri -

    The Restarts -

    The Adolescents / Evacuate -

    Buzzcocks / The Vibrators -

    The Mahones -

    Sham 69 -

    Gimp Fist / Red Scare -

    The Peacocks-

    Dun2Def / Roughneck Riot -

    Choking Susan / The Smears -

    2nd District / Church of Confidence -

     Flogging Molly -

    SkinnYLister -

     F -

    Dick Dale -

    * AP Online coverage of the Warped Tour

    * loud Fast Rules! Magazine Issue 6 featured my photos of the Vibrators, The Queers and GBH

    * AMP Magazine - The Street Dogs and the Bouncing Souls

    * Loud Fast Rules! Magazine Issue 5 includes 6 photo spreads which use my pictures of the Street Dogs, Rancid, The Adicts, The Rezillos, Anti Nowhere League and Cock Sparrer. This issue also includes a 2 page photo spread of my pictures of the Wasted Festival including the Damned, the UK Subs, Chelsea and TexasTerri

    * aMP Magazine- Flogging Molly

    * AMP Magazine - West Coast Edition - Street Dogs on the front coveRLoud Fast Rules! Magazine Issue 3 - The Adicts, The Pork Dukes and F

    * Loud Fast Rules! Magazine Issue 2 - GBH and the Adolescents


    Photos by Breta Branyon (BEB Photography)

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